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Amorettam - Luxe Soaks

Amorettam - Luxe Soaks

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Australian Native Lemon Myrtle Foot Soak

Reward your feet with our Australian Native Lemon Myrtle foot soak which is warm, refreshing and aromatic.

Ingredients| Epsom Salts | Bicarb Soda | Lemon Myrtle Organic Essential Oil | Dried Organic Lemon Balm Leaf

Buttermilk & Oak Luxe Bath Milk - Incredibly relaxing this is full of the good things. Lavender and Sweet Orange organic essential oils compliment the milk power, whilst tapioca, Australian kaolin and colloidal oats act as a buffering agent which helps soften and maintain a normal PH in the skin. Epsom salts relieve tired muscles.

Elle Luxe Soak - The combined holistic and magical properties of citrus fruits make them a powerful ingredient to add to a ritual bath. Lemon, Lime and Lemongrass organic essential oils combined with Epsom & Himalayan salts invigorate and refresh the skin.

Indian Sunrise Luxe Bath MilkIndulge in a ritual of bathing to restore calmness and balance to body, mind, and soul, Indian Sunrise is a floral explosion of rose, patchouli, and frankincense. Organic coconut milk powder & Australian kaolin soften and soothe skin.

Sweet Orange & Mandarin Luxe Soak - Incredibly uplifting and aromatic these two were made for each other. Combined with Epsom & Himalayan salts creating a calm space and a sense of positivity.

Certified Organic | Preservative Free | Vegan Friendly 


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