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Baagi Milaygiin

Baagi Milaygiin - After Sun Summer Rescue Pack

Baagi Milaygiin - After Sun Summer Rescue Pack

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The perfect set of essentials for your Summer skincare routine.

This combination of products is available as a kit containing

Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser,

After Sun Spray.

Lip Balm

All products contain nation bush medicine healing properties that take care of you  all year around especially as our extreme weather atm

The Aftersun is instantly cooling by 5c calming relief from sunburn calming skin instantly great for extreme dermatitis and psoriasis eczema .Great foe a migraine and nausea simple by sprinting on your face giving an instant soothing and settling feel 

The lemon Myrtle Moisture is a great rehydrater and can also be used as a mozzy and fly repellent. 

The Lip Balm re-balances dryness caused from the outdoor elements.

Great Rescue Pack  


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