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Baagi Milaygiin

Baagi Milaygiin - Mini Hair Wax 50g

Baagi Milaygiin - Mini Hair Wax 50g

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Tame frizzy dry hair with this all natural product. The ingredients used also double as a natural healing balm for all skin types. This Hair Wax has also been developed to use on the hair or a beard balm conditioner.

Lemon Myrtle combined with a Coconut Oil has a beautiful aroma and will leave your hair feeling fresh and manageable .

For our Warriors

Used on the beard aids mental clarity instantly de fluffs and grooms your beard it is a game changer 

we sell more as a beard balm then a hair wax 

treat your man today a winner 🙌🏾

Made from 100% Australian natural Ingredients.



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