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Marrawuddi - Elijah Namirriki, Serpent and Goanna Bark

Marrawuddi - Elijah Namirriki, Serpent and Goanna Bark

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Catalogue No 1941-22

Artist - Elijah Namirriki

Title - Serpent and Goanna

Category - Bark 

Size / Medium - 113 x 33cm Arcylic on bark 


Artist Biography

I started painting when I was little boy because I was doing dot then later when I grew up I watched my mum and dad painting then 8 and 9.

I met my wife when I was 17 she paints and help me to paint sometimes to her Jacklyn Nagaboy I got 4 kids 3 boys and 1 step daughter.

I teach my kids how to paint - I worked for rangers in Maningrida since I was 17 - 21 and now I paint.

I love my stories and painting about it when I draw a picture and telling my kids so next time when they grow up they can show their kids and tell them, I returned when I was 19 and I started painting my way - Tree Maggot dreaming, near Kumulu - liverpool river - upstream.

Elijah is predominantly represented by Maningrida Arts & Culture


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