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Deadly Wears

Deadly Wears - Flag Pin

Deadly Wears - Flag Pin

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Our flag pin is here to represent!

The black symbolises Aboriginal people. The yellow represents the sun, the constant re-newer of life. Red depicts the earth and peoples' relationship to the land. 

Allies welcome to wear it with pride.

The Government announced on the 24th Jan, 2022 that the Aboriginal flag is now freed and available for public use.  Our flag has been a symbol of Aboriginal Australia since 14th July 1995 . As Aboriginal People we are proud to see the flag once again be supported for use and representation.  

By purchasing these pins, 10% of the profit will be going towards planting trees to support Deadly Wears to truly Care for our Country 

Item details:

Size:  3cm x 2cm

Rubber stopper

Resin pin face.


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