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L.A Couch

L.A. Couch - Wellness Blends

L.A. Couch - Wellness Blends

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Maarumali: Translates to heal in the language of the Gamilaroi peoples; it is a deep connection to the masculine of our land, the soil, trunk of the tree, branches, the hills, and mountains. lt is used for anxiety relief by assisting you to come home to country and make that connection. It empowers you to provide for yourself and nourishes you in the same spirit as country/ home nourishes your soul. 

The message of the Maarumali is to hold on, gather strength, and move forward on our sacred land.

Maarumali is the brother blend to Wadhi.

Sorry Business: 
Sorry Business is the blend for grief relief, it is gentle yet potent in its potential to heal. When you are carrying heavy emotions and overwhelmed with sadness and loss, Sorry Business lifts the body's vibrations and stimulates positive thoughts whilst keeping you connected to Country. It allows the body to correct the imbalance. 

Sorry Business blend connects you to all of the elements, air, water, earth & fire. It will assist you to release trauma in the body and encourage you to communicate with your body in a nurturing and gentle way. 

Wadhi: Wadhi translates to "bush" in the Gamilaraay language, and is connected to the feminine of country, the yinarr ( Aboriginal woman) and the baawaa (sister).  In ancient times our people used natural remedies to heal on a physical & spiritual level. This powerful combination increases spiritual awareness and connection to the land.

It also represents the freshness of our land, the green, the growth, and our sacred waterways and connects you to the elements of air & water and can relate to women's business. 

The message of Wadhi is "Give yourself time to heal".


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