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Marrawuddi - Joy Nabegeyo, Dilly Bag Lino Print

Marrawuddi - Joy Nabegeyo, Dilly Bag Lino Print

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Catalogue No 2199-23-2/5

Artist - Joy Nabegeyo

Title - Dilly Bag

Category - Print 

Size / Medium 39 x 27cm Lino Cut Prints


Artist Biography 

Born: 28/10/1965

Skin: Ngalwamud

Language: Kunwinjku

Clan: Yalama

Country: Mandilbarreng

Dreaming: Namarladj (Orphan Boy)


‘I was born in Darwin but I grew up in Oenpelli. I went to school in Oenpelli.
I was a little girl about fifteen when I started weaving, my mother taught me. My mother taught me to collect Pandanus and colour, my big sister too. Sometimes I make dilly bags and sometimes baskets. I like weaving and I like teaching the young ones.’

Joy now lives in Jabiru and has lived here since the late 2000s, with her husband John Lemibanda, who is also an artist with Marrawuddi.

As well as fibre work, Joy is also a painter and has been practicing since a teenager. 'I enjoy painting dillybags and baskets, because I like it.

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