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Marrawuddi - Leanne Namarnyilk, Marebu (Pandanus Mat)

Marrawuddi - Leanne Namarnyilk, Marebu (Pandanus Mat)

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Catalogue No 1575-23

Artist - Leanne Namarnyilk

Title - Marebu (Woven Pandanus Mat)

Category - Fibre 

Size / Medium 74cm  Pandanus and natural dyes


Artist Biography 

Born: 9/07/1975

Skin: Bulanjdjan

Language: Kunwinjku

Clan: Wurrban

Country: Nabang

Dreaming: Djebuyh (Possum)

Leanne is the niece of renowned and celebrated artists Jimmy Kalarriya Namarnyilk.

The strong innovative and artistic strength lies within Leanne and her sister's family. Leanne, like her sisters learnt from her mother how to weave, growing up between her mothers country in Korlobidahdah and fathers country of Nabang.

Leanne's innovation has lead her and her sisters, to weave incredible 3D fibre artworks, usually surrounding different fish found in billabongs around Kakadu and West Arnhem Land.

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