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Wunyun - Maya Medicinal Balm

Wunyun - Maya Medicinal Balm

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Wunyun’s Maya Medicinal Balm evolved from my extensive experience as a healer. My passion for spiritual and cultural healing of trauma, both body and mind, inspired me to create a product that would give relief to those in “Maya”- the Djarra word for pain. This balm’s authentic blend consists of Calendula, Arnica, Old Man Weed, Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Pepperberry, Beeswax and Comfrey.

Arnica and Pepperberry are ingredients used by Indigenous people in actively soothing muscles, aches and pains. Calendula is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory and remedy for healing wounds. This strong ethical blend is effective in treating individuals with chronic pain, muscle soreness and strain.

The Maya Medicinal Balm gives me the opportunity to apply my heritage of healing and to share ancient remedies handed down to me by my Indigenous mother and Indian great grandfather. My intention when creating all of my products is to deliver my cultural healing practices to you in a contemporary, easy to use product. Connecting with country is important to me, so if you can’t come to my country, let me bring it to you.


Oil, Calendula, Arnica, Old Man Weed, Pepperberry, Beeswax and Comfrey



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