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Yaye - Summer Hand Wash

Yaye - Summer Hand Wash

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Summer Aboriginal Hand Wash

Native Silky Lemongrass & Lime - 500ml

- Has a biodegradable formula

- Made in Australia

- Kills germs

- Has a gentle, non irritating formula

Gently protect, clean and care for your skin with Yaye’s Native Silky Lemongrass and Lime Summer Hand Wash. 

With native bush extract ingredients high in antioxidants, this gentle blend will nourish your skin while providing a protective barrier against germs and bacteria.

The harmonized lemon and lime scent and velvety feel of this luxury formula will transport you to the magical desert lands of Central Australia and leave your hands feeling clean, refreshed and soft. 

A modern application on an ancient botanical, Yaye’s Native Silky Lemongrass (Aherre- Aherre) formula combines quality Australian ingredients to make a Hand Wash that is truly unforgettable.



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