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Nikki Stanley

Yookapa - Nikki Stanley

Yookapa - Nikki Stanley

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I am a proud Aboriginal woman with a deep and meaningful heritage that connects me to Wadawurrung Country. I was born and raised in Warrnambool, situated on Gunditjmara Country, where I developed a strong sense of identity and cultural appreciation. For the past decade, I have made Geelong my home, embracing the community and enriching my connection to the land.

As a devoted mother of two spectacular children, I am incredibly proud that they share my passion for creativity. Together, we explore and express our artistic talents, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of our surroundings. The unceded lands of what is now known as Australia provide an endless source of inspiration, from the rich tapestry of nature to the profound spiritual significance of Country.

My artistic journey encompasses a variety of mediums, as I am always eager to experiment with new techniques and methods. This adventurous spirit allows me to continually broaden my artistic range and deepen my appreciation for the diverse expressions of art. Through my work, I aim to honor and celebrate the vibrant culture and natural splendor of these lands, sharing my unique perspective and experiences as an Aboriginal woman.

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