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Baagi Milaygiin

Baagi Milaygiin - Dry Exfoliate 40g

Baagi Milaygiin - Dry Exfoliate 40g

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Cleanse & exfoliate the skin with a combination of our Dry Clay Mask mixed with our Natural Organic Exfoliant.

Our Exfoliate  Ochre Magic is made with some of the elements from Gomeroi and Birpai Country 

Warrumbungle sanstone

Pumice stone

Red Pink and White Ochre


This product is hand grinded the Old ways on a grinding stone made with love and from my Old People you will feel Magic and healing attributes 

For an easy DYI mix as you like when you like 

Face Hands and Feet 

you can wrap hands and feet with warm towels or just sit and relax to your favourite music ,podcast or just Meditate

You may also like to add some of our Cleanser to cleanse your face or just use Water 

This product is 💯 Organic and safe to use on all skin types  

No SLS  Parabans  or No Sugars at all in our products 

1 x Natural Organic Exfoliant


Our Toner is recommended to be used afterwards to refresh & close the pores.



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