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Blak Brews

Blak Brews - Tea

Blak Brews - Tea

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Desert SunriseThe colour and scent of an Australian sunrise!

The Blak Brews Desert Sunrise tea blends Australian Sencha Green with zesty desert finger lime, marigold petals and peachy Quandong extract to create a fruity and invigorating green tea blend that will brighten up your morning. Provided in bags for your convenience, enjoyed this exceptional tea at any time of the day.

Ingredients: Australian Sencha, Strawberry Gum, Desert Finger Lime, Calendula, Natural Quandong

Kakadu SunsetA tea for all occasions!

Blak Brews' Kakadu Sunset is a premium Australian-grown black tea from the Arakai estate in Queensland that has been blended with Australian cacao husks, zesty desert finger lime, cornflower, safflower, and calendula with Kakadu Plum extract for a rich and fruity black tea blend.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Daintree Cacao Husks, Desert Finger Lime, Calendula Petals, Cornflower Petals, Safflower Petals, Kakadu Plum Extract

Minty GreenA double blend of one of the most versatile mint plants on the planet, the native round leaf mint mixed with peppermint. This vibrant, refreshing and aromatic tea has been used for thousands of years by First Nations peoples, particularly down south where it grows wild. A drop of honey and this tea will fast become part of your morning ritual.

Red CentreA tea that captures the heart of Australia!

Blak Brews' Red Centre is a caffeine-free infusion of hibiscus and rosehip shells with Australian Strawberry Gum and fruity notes of peachy quandong. This vibrant and unique blend imparts an aroma of our people's medicinal plant life.

Ingredients: Rosehip, Hibiscus, Strawberry Gum, Quandong Extract

Kuku Yalanji Daintree This black tea is grown on Kuku Yalanji country, situated in the heart of Kaba Kada, also known as the Daintree wilderness and rainforest area of North Queensland.

This smooth tea is medium strength and is a delicate tea of fine quality, with little or no astringency in the flavour. Good to drink with milk, or Blak.

Ya nan is gonna love this one!

Earl Grey with Finger LimeA premium, mild black tea flavoured with organic vanilla beans, finger lime and bergamot to achieve a smooth and creamy taste with a zesty finish.

Directions: Steep at 90ºC for 3 minutes & enjoy


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