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Deadly Wears

Deadly Wears - Baang Hoodie

Deadly Wears - Baang Hoodie

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Deadly Wears designed Baang Hoodie

Baang is Gunaikurnai language meaning Mothers Camp. 

This design was made with this cultural place in mind. 

Your Mother's Camp is the place where you all camped together. 

Jumpers are designed and printed on Gunaikurnai Country.
All welcomed to wear this Hoodie with pride. 

By purchasing this Jumper, 10% of the profit will be going towards planting trees to support Deadly Wears to truly Care for our Country


Item Details:

Unisex fit

*Please note that these Jumpers run a size larger eg. Small = Medium.

See Clothing the Gaps blog for more information about Ally Friendly and Mob only Merch.  

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