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Kiri Tawhai

Kiri Tawhai Art Piece - Arohanui (Much Love)

Kiri Tawhai Art Piece - Arohanui (Much Love)

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The word "Arohanui" is a Maori word and, as with many First Nations language, some there is no one direct word when translated into English. Arohanui can mean "big love" or "much love" or "lots of love".

My parents honoured me with the middle name Aroha which means love and in Te reo (Maori language) I love you is Aroha au. This work was painted thinking about all the different ways we think about love. How important it is in its many complex and beautiful forms. From love of family, love of community, love of our friends. Deeply passionate loves, first loves, forever loves and every love in between. Love of life, love of beauty, love found in a moment with a stranger. Love of self.

92cm by 92cm

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