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Mabu Mabu

Mabu Mabu - Spices

Mabu Mabu - Spices

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  • How to use

    • Saltbush - a rich umami flavour that can be added to soups, sauces and curries.
    • Desert Herbs - an amazing meat rub that can be added to koftas, meatballs or straight onto a leg of lamb.
    • Cinnamon Myrtle- use it as a flavouring in cakes, biscuits or with your morning yoghurt.
    • Ground Wattleseed - adds a rich an earthy flavour to curries, dahl or mac'n'cheese.
    • Lemon Myrtle - can be used as a substitute for lemongrass or preserved lemon in curries and tagines.
    • Strawberry Gum - use it as a flavouring in cakes, biscuits or panna cotta.
    • Bush Tomato Seasoning - add to soups and stews for a rich flavour.
    • Pepperberries - a powerful substitute to pepper, best used in moderation on meat and roast vegetables.
    • Lemon Aspen Salt - an amazingly versatile salt that can be added to fish, roast vegetables, or cooked meats.



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