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Marrawuddi - John Lemibanda, Rolk Djang (Magot Dreaming)

Marrawuddi - John Lemibanda, Rolk Djang (Magot Dreaming)

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Catalogue No 377-23

Artist - John Lemiban

Title - Rolk Djang (Magot Dreaming)

Size / Medium 29 x 16cm Painting 

Artwork Description 
This design from my mother’s country, Kumurrulu and Kumarrirnbang. I am djungkai for that country so I can paint that design

Artist Biography 

Born: 8/05/1964
Skin:  Kamarrang 
Language: Kunwinjku
Clan: Wurrik
Country: Mandedjkadjang   

'I was born in Darwin and I grew up at Madjinbardi Station. I moved from Madjinbardi to Jabiru with my family, but my family gone now.

I saw a man named Joshua Bangarr, he was my teacher, he taught me to paint. I was sittng there watching him lots of times, one day he said, 'come and paint with me'. I was not very good that day. He put a picture on the dolobbo (bark) and I sat alongside him and together we painted. In a few months I was doing my own picture, my own style. When he saw this he said, 'you ok'.

He was my teacher that old man, now I'm an artist myself.

I have my own things to paint, my own story telling. I'm proud of myself and I'm proud to teach my young ones our culture. I like to teach my young ones so they can teach their young ones.'

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