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Marrawuddi - Louise Dingawanga, Pandanus Basket

Marrawuddi - Louise Dingawanga, Pandanus Basket

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Catalogue No 1707-22

Artist - Louise Dingawanga

Title - Pandanus Baskey

Category - Fibre 

Size / Medium 38 x 23cm Pandanus and natural dyes


Artist Biography 

Born: 2/06/1970

Skin: Ngal Wamud

Language: Kuninjku

Clan: Bununggu

Country: Buluhkaduru


Kardab (Spider)



Louise is the wife of world renowned artist, Ivan Namirrki. Having grown up surrounded by influential weavers, such as her mother. Louise continues to use her talent to create incredible woven bags, baskets and fibre art.

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