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Marrawuddi - Vienna Buramura, Djenj - Fish

Marrawuddi - Vienna Buramura, Djenj - Fish

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Catalogue No 15-24

Artist - Vienna Buramura

Title - Djenj - Fish 

Size / Medium - 76 x 56

Artwork Description 

This artist has painted Djenj. Djenj is a generic name for fish, caught in billabongs and waterways all year round. Djenj is one of the main food sources Bininj live off

Artist Biography

“I grew up here in Jabiru, we used to live out at 009, near the airport so we stayed there maybe ‘til I was nine, then moved to Mudginberry, lived there 'til I was 15. I started learning weaving when I was 11, my mum taught me how to weave. Now we live at Jabiru Town Camp. We use the Dilly Bags to collect some green plum, bush carrot, yams. My favourite is green plum.

Making art is important to me, for my kids and the future for them. My grandfather he passed on to me, and then my father passed it on to me. And then I'm showing my kids too."

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