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Tamay Beam Art

Tamay Beam Art - Emu Eggshell

Tamay Beam Art - Emu Eggshell

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Tamay Beam Art is a series of Contemporary Aboriginal Art offered through numerous variations by Aboriginal artist Tamay Beam.

These fragile and beautiful native Australian Emu Eggshells come with a certificate and stand of your choice.

All Eggshells come with an authenticity certificate and stand. Postage is available worldwide at an addition cost or pick up Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA. The eggshells are hygienically cleaned and cleared for customs declarations for travel and postages both interstate and international.

Emu Eggs vary in size from 13 x 9 cm with a weight of 400 - 700 grams. Emu Egg production is usually from April until the end of September and is made primarily from calcium carbonate.

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