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Wunyun - Biik Face mask

Wunyun - Biik Face mask

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Biik is the Taungurung word for “land”, and Wunyun’s Biik Clay Face Mask was inspired by my country and its nutrient rich ochre clay. With my access to natural resources and knowledge of traditional practices, I created this earthy blend of local Clay, Old Man Weed and Activated Charcoal.

The Clay used to form this face mask is ethically sourced on country. It is held close to my heart and taken only with the blessing of my ancestors. This natural clay is naturally infused with nutrients that encourage healthy skin. The use of Old Man Weed combined with Activated Charcoal promotes an incomparable treatment for acne and scarring. These ingredients have been used historically by Indigenous people as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial product and to encourage cell regeneration. This authentic combination of natural resources is perfect for teenagers or anyone suffering from acne, scarring or sensitive skin.

I use my Biik Clay Face Mask as a good excuse to pamper myself with a relaxing bath and beauty routine. After cleansing my face with a good quality soap or cleanser, I apply a hot face washer to open the pores and then apply my Biik Mask and relax for 15 minutes before washing off. My Biik Face Mask gives me the opportunity to bring a pure spiritual connection from my country to you. My intention when creating all of my products is to deliver my cultural healing practices to you in a contemporary, easy to use product. Connecting with country is important to me, so if you can’t come to my country, let me bring it to you.


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