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Yaye - Ochre Bath Crystals

Yaye - Ochre Bath Crystals

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Ochre Aboriginal Bath Crystals

Sweet Emu Bush - 300g

- 100% Indigenous owned

- Has a non-drying formula

- Provides magnesium bath salt benefits 

- Leaves a sweet lingering scent

- Contains native plant derived ingredients

Do regular Bath Crystal formulas irritate your skin? 

Yaye’s soothing Ochre Aboriginal Bath Crystals with our gentle magnesium-based formula is sure to become a favourite.

Containing the finest quality Australian made ingredients including Emu Bush (Utnerrenge), which has been used as a healing plant by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years.

Buy now to enjoy a magnesium Bath Crystal formula that will provide benefits such as calming your mind and assisting in a deep restful sleep.



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