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Yaye - Ochre Body Butter

Yaye - Ochre Body Butter

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Ochre Aboriginal Body Butter

Sweet Emu Bush - 300g

- Bestselling product

- Not tested on animals

- 100% Aboriginal owned body product

- Contains healing natural bush medicine extracts

Looking for a moisturiser made from the highest quality Australian ingredients?

Yaye’s Ochre Body Butter is where ethically sourced bush medicines and a quality Australian made moisturiser meet.

This bestselling product will leave your skin hydrated and smooth and provide a sweet lingering vanilla caramel fragrance.

Ochre Body Butter contains Emu Bush (Utnerrenge), which has been used as a natural healing plant by Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

Share in ancient knowledge and treat your skin to the benefits of bush medicines with Yaye's Body Butter.



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