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Bindy Wicks

Yookapa - Bindy Wicks

Yookapa - Bindy Wicks

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My name is Bindy Wicks, and I am both a digital and written artist. I was born in the beautiful landscapes of Western Australia, but I've spent most of my life in the charming town of Lara. Art has always been a significant part of my world, thanks to my upbringing in a creatively rich environment. My everyday life, however, revolves around basketball, which not only occupies my leisure time but also forms the core of my professional career. When it comes to academics, my focus is primarily on English Literature and History, subjects that have always fascinated me. Growing up with a visual artist for a mother, I was exposed to the world of art from a very young age. 

My mother nurtured my skills early on, and I found immense joy in expressing myself through various artistic mediums. Despite this early start in visual arts, I discovered that my true passion lay in the realm of written work, particularly poetry. The beauty of words and the emotions they can convey captivated me in a way that visual art did not.

For my digital art, I am mostly self-taught, honing my skills through practice and experimentation. On the other hand, my poetry, while grounded in the basic education I received in high school, has evolved through my own diligent practices and personal exploration. I find that both forms of art, digital and written, allow me to express different facets of my creativity and offer unique ways to connect with others.

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