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Tarryn Love

Yookapa - Tarryn Love

Yookapa - Tarryn Love

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I am a proud Gunditjmara Keerray Woorroong woman, born and raised on Wadawurrung Country. I am a koorroyarr, teenyeen ngapang, tyeentyeeyt ngapangyarr and wanoong ngeerrang - granddaughter, youngest daughter, youngest sister and proud Aunty. My practice exists in the space of creative cultural expression as an emerging artist, curator and producer.

I create work under the collective of Koorroyarr (granddaughter), honouring my positionality as a Gunditjmara woman. Koorroyarr represents that the sustainability of my cultural practice is in the intergenerational sharing of knowledge and pays respect to my Ancestors, past and living. My work demonstrates the distinctiveness of Gunditjmara ways of Knowing, Being and Doing that is not one way but constantly happening and changing.

I aim to explore identity in the here and now while centering my mother tongue Keerray Woorroong and carrying on the work of remembering, reclamation, regeneration, and revitalisation. My work is for my family, for Country and for community - because I do not exist without them.

PRINTS : - 1000mm  x 1000mm

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